What Clients Had to Say...

"I don't think it's an exaggeration when I say Dr. Rachel and her program saved my life, not just my marriage. I came to her at my absolute lowest, without any hope for my marriage. We had tried couples counseling, and my spouse was just "done" trying.

Dr. Rachel's encouragement and steady guidance has helped me to begin the necessary repairs that should have happened long ago. Since my spouse had given up on working on our relationship, I did the program alone, and it is totally worth it. She will support you with everything you need to rebuild yourself and your relationship. For the first time ever, we are able to have the hard conversations that we need to have--all because Dr. Rachel has given me the tools necessary to navigate the choppy waters. 

You need this program. You need to do it for yourself, your marriage, and your family."


"I thought that opening up to my partner would be awful, as it turns out it's great! With what I've learned I can communicate much better, and they are much more accepting than I thought they would be." 

"I'm so grateful. This has been transformative."

"I always thought it was my husband's problem and we needed to fix that, I never realized how much I contribute to our dynamic. Our relationship is so different now."