Creating Stronger and More Resilient Relationships 

Ready to stop feeling lonely and disconnected from your partner? 

Reconnect in your marriage by making the shifts necessary to stop the old patterns and create a stronger relationship that lasts.

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What is Grit and why is it important for relationships?  

Grit is defined as “perseverance and passion for long-term goals”.

  • Grit perseveres through failures.  
  • Grit grows confidence.
  • Grit means you stick with it and work hard, even when challenging or inconvenient.

Grit is what is necessary to have real grown up love, not fairytale love, with a lifetime of connection and intimacy.

I know couples like you...

  • You are the power couple that everyone admires, on the outside everything seems great - great job, kids, friends, hobbies, but you just feel lost inside  
  • When you sit on the couch next to your partner, they might as well be in another room for how lonely you feel  
  • You get distracted at work thinking about your relationship and family, maybe even take on all the responsibility for making things "ok"  
  • You did everything "right" - you have a career, got married, made babies- but the spark is gone and now you feel completely miserable

  • It's like they don't see or understand you, communication has become so difficult, and sometimes you just want out

You aren't the only ones  

Most couples don't know how to develop, maintain or deepen their connection over time